About us

We are Dafni and Tanya, the co-founders of Wonderpath.

We both identify as life long learners. We learnt that we make a great team 6 years ago, as flatmates first. After working on 4 side projects together, we moved to Berlin (and yes, we're still flatmates) to build Wonderpath, the first learning network for people with pixelated careers.

A photo of the founding team
Dafni (left) and Tanya (right)

Why we are building Wonderpath?

The idea of Wonderpath came from spending hours of reflection time on our sofa decoding what it takes to build a career when you do many things. We realized that the concept of career was reserved for those who worked in big organizations. As a solopreneur or independent worker, we couldn't afford the luxury of thinking about learning. A lot was going on. Our learning milestones got mixed with our to-dos and fell through the cracks. In this new way of work that the world was moving to, we needed a simple yet effective way to think about how we learn and grow at work.

How's it going so far?

As of January 2022, we've had 400+ people sign up for the waiting list and hundreds reach out to us via Twitter, Polywork, Product Hunt, Indie Hackers to talk about their challenges with goals and personal growth. We don't believe that the perfect solution can be crafted behind the scenes. So we build, improve, and iterate on our product weekly and share our learnings openly. We work with some amazing early adopters who go out of the way send us feedback regularly! We know we're solving a deep problem and are excited to be building the go-to network for learning for individuals.

How can you connect with us?

We love to meet with new people! So write to us on Twitter (@dafnihd and @tea_ess).

If you want to start using Wonderpath and give us feedback as we build, sign up here and we'll send you access.

And if you just want to follow along our journey of building and learning, we blog about it on substack as Flatmate Founders.