A new feedback culture

Hi there,

This letter is for you if you’re an Talent lead or your current role involves developing talent and grooming them for the future.

We know that feedback is a gift when given to boost individual and team growth. But feedback has gone all wrong. Employees currently receive copy-pasted, generic essays twice a year only because there’s a performance review process. Do we still consider this a gift?

We’ve all talked to (or been) those frustrated employees, anxious managers, and stressed Talent professionals that have had to deal with archaic performance management tools or Google Sheets. Only to check a box and “officially” deliver 360-degree feedback! Sadly, in these ways of delivering infrequent and non-actionable feedback, the purpose of the whole exercise has been lost...

Now imagine building a collaborative trusting culture where feedback is given and received to develop skills and appreciate strengths.

Wonderpath is making giving and receiving feedback continuous, human, and modern. We’ll save you lots of frustration and time spent on feedback cycles by integrating guided feedback loops as part of your workflows. Individuals will finally receive competency based actionable feedback ー and you’ll nurture your talent.

Join us on our mission to make feedback a true gift again. The way it’s always meant to be.

Dafni and Tanya
Co-founders, Wonderpath